12 August 2016

Must-See Stops For Your Oklahoma Road Trip

Seen as you’re on this blog, you probably have a keen understanding of the magic of the American road trip. There’s something uniquely wonderful about having no schedule to stick to, and miles of open road stretched out in front of you. No matter where you are in the states, there’s always incredible things to see and do, but one particularly “road-trippy” state is Oklahoma. Here are a few great attractions you should try to hit on your Oklahoma road trip.

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You can’t have a road trip across Oklahoma without seeing the iconic Route 66. The entire stretch of road can take you from Chicago all the way to LA, passing through all kinds of beautiful rural areas. However, the longest stretch of miles goes right through Oklahoma. Starting at the north east corner, you can see the whole of Tulsa and Oklahoma City before hitting the border into Texas. There are several roadside attractions and camping spots where you can park up your travel trailer along the way. See the route 66 museum in Clinton, the Elk City transportation museum, and get a priceless selfie in front of the Catoosa Blue Whale.

Credit: Wikimedia

While you’re in Oklahoma City, the one stop you simply have to make is the Oklahoma City Zoo. We’ve all been to a zoo before, but this one is something very special. Furthermore, it will give your kids something to look forward to past another long stretch of highway! Here, long, sweeping pathways take you through several different biomes, ranging from the plains of Africa to the rainforests of South America. This fascinating place was first opened over 100 years ago, and have cared for over 500 species. While the zoo gets pretty packed on the weekends, this is when you’ll get the best displays, demonstrations and educational exhibits. Some of the highlights include a stingray touch tank, a train ride around the whole zoo, and taking a boat out on the zoo’s lake.

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Finally, be sure to stop at the Cherokee heritage centre in Tahlequah. This settlement has been the capital of the Cherokee nation since the 1800s, but this incredible heritage centre takes you back to far earlier history. Head down to Diligwa, and you’ll find a brilliant recreation of a 1710 Cherokee village. Here you’ll be able to learn all about the period when the country had just started to be settled, and the various challenges that were part of everyday life in the early 18th century. Then, head over to the Adams Corner Rural Village, which shows the ins and outs of Cherokee life over a hundred years later. Everywhere you look you’ll be able to find fascinating exhibits and beautiful craftwork to enjoy. Both of these attractions are well off the beaten track, so once you’ve had your fill you can wind down by having a nice, relaxed walk around some rural beauty spots.
While planning your road trip across Oklahoma, be sure to include these three attractions in your stops. Remember though; they’re only the tip of an incredible iceberg!  

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