30 September 2014

3 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Photo credit: usa305.blogspot.com

Do you wistfully dream of blue skies and palm trees? Would you love to see the ancient pyramids if only airfare wasn't so expensive? Your visions of a vacation might be more possible than you think. Here are just three ways to see the world without breaking the bank.

1. Book Travel Packages

You can save a bundle when you make travel bookings online. There are countless companies on the web that offer discounts for flights, hotels and rental cars if you book them in a package instead of charging them as individual expenses. You just have to find the deals and negotiate the details.

2. Pick the Right Day

Most people know not to travel during holidays and weekends, but were you aware that Wednesdays are cheaper than Thursdays? According to data collected by travel agencies, the middle of the week offers the lowest prices on average. No one is quite sure why, but it will save you money all the same.

3. Go During the Off-Season

If you don't mind sightseeing in the winter, you can save hundreds on things like flights, travel fees and even admission costs to various tourist attractions. Companies will be so desperate for business that they'll slash prices in ways they wouldn't even dream of during the peak season.

If you'd love to travel but lack the funds, use these tips for reducing costs, eliminating fees and booking the vacation you've always wanted. The Bahamas are calling your name. Are you going to answer?

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28 September 2014

Where's My Passport?

Well, this is an update on my post last August when I renewed my passport and guess what - I still don't have it!

I am a very reasonable person but come on, next week will be the maximum 8 weeks indicated on my receipt to collect the renewed passport but how can I collect it when it's not yet ready for release? I am not even sure where it is now but when you call the consulate here in Dubai, they don't pick up the line. And when you send them email, they just reply with a one liner telling me to check the website which was down for several days. And when it was finally up, my name was still not in the list. OMG!

I am very upset with the Philippine Consulate here in Dubai. I don't want to rant but I think it's my right as an OFW who brings in money to the country to get a good service. It is my right as well to be informed about the status of my application and not just "please check the site for the list of release...blah, blah, blah." Why does it take so long to process the passport? Why is it being sent to Manila? Is that for real or we're just being mislead?

I am sick and tired of the inefficiency of the PCG here in Dubai. I feel sorry for those who have important travels to make but are now unable to take them because of the inadequacies of the people running the PCG. I'm sorry...oh, I'm not sorry! But I think waiting for my own travel document pushing for 8 weeks now is just too much! Ridiculous! Get your act together PCG people. And I thought "we are your boss" (that's what Pnoy said in one of his SONA!) so how come we're at your mercy? Release my passport already!!!

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13 September 2014


I'm cooking up a storm again with my travel plans this last quarter of the year as we plan to visit Japan once again and this time, with the 2 oldies (my mom and mom-in-law) in tow.

We are holding staff tickets so it will be a big challenge to get on board because of the high season and this is right after Christmas. Anyway, everything is still on the drawing board but we've already decided to go to Japan again this December instead of the Christmas Markets in Europe due to budget constraints. It's much cheaper to visit Japan than Europe!

So, I hope we finalize this plan soon so we can all apply for the visa again. Logistics is quite challenging now since my daughter is in Manila and we, the parents, are here. A lot of paperwork has to be requested and given to my daughter so she can apply as a minor and guaranteed by her parents. Ahhhh.... I wish applying for visas for Filipino citizens isn't this hard!

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06 September 2014

The Electrical Parade (Dream Lights) in Tokyo Disneyland

My family loves Disneyland a lot. We've been to 3 Disneyland parks already: Hongkong Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and last December 2013, in Tokyo Disneyland. In all those occasions, we've seen the parades but the one in Tokyo Disneyland was more special and spectacular for us because it was Christmas season.  The parade was sparkly, colorful, electrifying and bright!

The parade in Tokyo Disneyland we have seen was called Electrical Parade: Dream Lights. It started around 7:30 p.m. (if my memory serves me right!). It's a nighttime event given the theme of the parade - full of colorful light display which were very nice to be see during night time, against the dark background of the whole Disney park. We found a very comfortably place to watch the parade half an hour before the it started. There were park attendants all over to inform the people to remain in their place and to instill order during the whole show. The park lights around the whole of Disney where switched off except for the restaurants and shops and the castle. Then suddenly, the music began playing and we saw the float coming out from one side of the park. One by one, the beautiful floats came out, decked with lights and some dancers and famous Disney characters were also on the floats. The shapes of objects were highlighted because of the colorful lights. There were dancers on the street with colorful and brightly lit costumes.

If you will count the lights all over the parade and the floats and even on the dancers, it must be a million!

These are some photos I captured from the parade. It was really beautiful. It's like a rain of lights, and sparkles. We all had a wonderful time in Tokyo Disneyland. We hope to be back this Christmas!

More floats...

and more!!!

and the last one...

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03 September 2014

Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation with a Pigeon Forge Cabin Rental

The Smoky Mountain region is easily one of most beautiful places in the country, and the region is home to the popular tourist destinations of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Conveniently located near Dollywood, Ripley's Believe It or Not and dozens of other attractions, it's the perfect place for a family vacation or a romantic getaway. Renting a cabin in Pigeon Forge lets you commune with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of those crowded cities while still being close enough to visit some fun attractions.

Multiple Cabins are Available

When you take a romantic vacation, all you care about is that your cabin has a bed. With some of the rental properties available in the Pigeon Forge area, you'll have your own private room, a gorgeous balcony that overlooks the woods or a local lake and everything you need for a weekend or a week away from home. If you need more room for your family, you can book a cabin with two or more bedrooms. You'll even find cabins that sleep 10 or more people.

Multiple Bathrooms, Game Rooms and More

With Pigeon Forge cabin rentals, you can write down a list of things you want and need on your vacation and find a cabin that meets every item on your list. When traveling with kids or another couple, you'll appreciate a rental that comes with two or more bathrooms, and renting a cabin with a game room lets you have some fun together. Stop planning your trip and book now at Little Valley Mountain Resort or another cabin company in the area.

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