30 January 2012

Wok In At Movenpick Hotel

We love dining out. It does not matter whether it is fine dining or not as long as it is tasty food and within our budget. We enjoy trying out new entrees and compare with other restaurants. So far, I gravitate mostly to Asian fusion kind of restaurants.

We went to Wok In at Movenpick Hotel, Deira last 11 January with the family for our 15th wedding anniversary celebration. The price was okay and we have a discount of 50% on the total bill if you are holding a particular card they have an agreement with. Next, the food serving is reasonable except for the rice which was really good for 3. The taste is excellent, not to spicy nor salty. I think it was just right for my taste. The ambiance was relaxing and soothing even if the color combination of black and red was used all over from tables to chairs to the walls to the drop lights. I think the lighting set the mood and complimented the color motif. Lastly, the service was superb. The staff were very courteous and served with a smile.

If I have to eat out again near Deira, I will certainly go back in Wok In.

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27 January 2012

No 40th Birthday Trip Gift!

I am actually disappointed and I have no one to blame. It is now a definite - there's no Tokyo trip happening this April because:

1. I got a new post in a different department and my leave will have to be pushed.
2. My daughter's passport is expiring soon and given the very disorganized and unsystematic procedures in renewing passports in the Philippine Consulate here in Dubai, I will not be able to get her passport in time. Her schedule is on 19 March 2012 and it takes 6 or more weeks for the passport renewal to be processed. Why, beats me and I am no longer interested. Lousy system! Lousy government policies! Humbag!
3. My husband's leave is on hold due to the lack of manpower in his department. So, even if my new department approves my leave, I still have problems 2 and 3 to deal with which is almost impossible to resolve.

So there goes my 40th birthday trip this April. I planned and thought about this since last year only to find out closer to the date that it will not even materialize.

I'm not the only one disappointed. My daughter is disheartened but I told her that everything happens for a reason. Maybe it's not the right time to go there yet because of the numerous financial obligations I have to face here. Anyway, I'll plan again next year and I hope everything falls into place by then.

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14 January 2012

Will There Be A Tokyo Trip?

My Tokyo trip is not going great at the moment. It's not looking too rosy at all. I posted earlier regarding my change in career so that means, I will be new to a department whose old staff have already planned their leave dates. I'm lucky if no one is taking their vacation leave on April. My other concern now is if my new boss will approve my leave.

Time is running out as far as planning is concerned. I have not booked any hotels because I am not sure if I will get approval on my leave. We have not applied for the visa nor secured our requirements. In short, everything has hung on the balance because of one move I have made.

I thought about the consequence of this career move and I knew it will have an impact on my 40th birthday trip. True enough, I cannot confirm anything as of this time. I told my husband if we can still apply for our April leave dates and just see how it goes. We can always travel to Seattle instead since we have the US visa. It's just that, personally, I want the Tokyo trip for my 40th birthday. It may sound shallow for most people but this is something I have worked hard for and dreamed of since I was 5! It's not bad to channel that childhood dream to reality when I have the means. Unfortunately at this time, I cannot say if it will happen.

I'll wait until end of the month of February when I move to my new department. If my boss says yes I can go and take my leave, I will plan everything at once. I just hope I do get the nod or else, my 40th birthday gift may become belated 40th and advance 41st birthday gift instead. Let's see.

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07 January 2012

Happy New Year!

I know it's few days late but it's still great to greet everyone a belated New Year's wishes. 2012 will be a great year for all, I prayed for that :) Hopefully, it will be fruitful to everyone in terms of finances, personal improvement, social progress and spiritual growth. I wish only the best for everyone this 2012!

Well, my travel plan to go to Tokyo, Japan is on hold for the time being. I know I'm already pressed for time but something good came up that I cannot pass. I have a new job in the same company but different department. That said, my leaves have been cancelled by the current department and I will have to adjust to the new department now. Although I have told the "new" boss about my plan to use few days of my vacation leave allotment on April, I will still have to check whether the people in the new department have no leave planned for April. Otherwise, I'll have to kiss Tokyo, Japan good-bye for 2012. I may just go there next year. I hope that's not the case as I have psyched myself already. I can delay but what for? I am aiming to see the cherry blossoms this April. If I don't go there at that month then it won't be as special as I wanted it to be - see the Cherry Blossom festival!

Oh well. I know there are still other time. But I don't wish to miss the magic of my 40th birthday gift to myself by missing this much anticipated sojourn. We're all excited and I hope it comes to reality.

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