31 May 2014

Breakfast at Carluccio's in Mirdiff City Center

Do you want to have a hearty meal for breakfast? How about enjoy a quiet breakfast early in the morning in Mirdiff City Center? I'm not even talking about tasty meals yet but just given the 2, I would consider and that is the reason why my daughter and I drove all the way to Mirdiff City Center to have our breakfast.

Carluccio's is an Italian diner style eatery which is in the mid-range bracket. Comparing to other diners, Carluccio's is still affordable.

So, why do we like this place? Food, price, serving size, customer service and ambiance are the factors that make us come back.

For our breakfast, my daughter and I ordered the following:

Colazione - This is your choice of eggs with grilled turkey bacon, sautéed mushrooms, grilled
tomato and toast.

Berry Crepe - This slightly sweet crepe with various berries as filling

Ham & Cheese Crepe (take-out order) - Thin crepe with turkey ham and cheese filling.

Chamomile tea

Tropical Smoothie - A mixture of banana and mango smoothie. This tasted a bit weird for me because I haven't mixed banana with mango yet.

Tiramisu cake for my daughter's dessert

Acqua Panna water

Our total bill was around AED 159 after discount. I used my Entertainer coupon to get another meal free (which ever has the lower value from breakfast meal). Not bad.

My daughter and I liked our orders and we were both satisfied. The food serving is just right, the taste is good (not too bland nor overpowering with salt, pepper or any spice) and the service of the crew is superb. I will definitely come back here for another round of our healthy breakfast, next time with the hubby!

My recommendation: 4 spoons and forks out of 5 (5 being the highest)

Carluccio's in Mirdif City Centre is located at the 2nd floor, South Walk.

I was not compensated to do this review. My opinion is 100% mine and may vary from yours.

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26 May 2014

Ground Transportation Services in Hawaii

As one of the premier tourist destinations in the Pacific region, Hawaii naturally has an excellent transportation network to accommodate tourists. Passengers using Honolulu International Airport can rely on various forms of ground transportation options. The terminal buildings have official welcome centers that also provide information about ground transportation choices such as taxis, shuttles, limousines and charter buses.

Many hotels in Honolulu and the surrounding area offer shuttle services. Guests might expect to receive free unlimited rides between the resorts and the airport terminals. There may be a hop on and hop off system available for all shuttle buses marked with the hotel names. Honolulu airport shuttle to Waikiki is an example of riding ground transportation between Hawaii's busiest airport and a popular local beach.

Private reservations of shuttle services are also available at a busy airport like Honolulu International. Passengers are encouraged to make reservations at least 24 hours before the scheduled time of pickup. Upon arrival to the airport, passengers should wait curbside for the shuttle buses. Honolulu Airport may be a bit chaotic and that's why maps of the terminal should be kept on hand. Additionally, airport staff can help passengers navigate the multiple levels of the terminal buildings and find the right spot to wait for the shuttle buses.

A passenger using shuttle services in Hawaii can expect some restrictions on the luggage that is allowed on board. For example, an individual may be allowed to bring only two pieces of luggage and one hand bag.

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06 May 2014

G Lodge Amazon - A Peruvian Amazon Jungle Accommodation

Are you the nature-tripping kind of person? Do you love exploring the deep jungle of the Amazon? Do you fancy an experience of a lifetime where you can spend few days in a jungle reserve in Peru and be with nature? If you all answered yes to the questions posted above then you’ll be surprised to know that there is an accommodation within the shady confines of the Tambopata National Reserve that can accommodate you and your group of like-minded adventurers.

G Lodge Amazon is an accommodation fit for nature lovers, trekkers, hikers and jungle lovers out there. It is established in 1991 along the shore of the Tambopata River in the Peruvian Amazon.

What’s in store for you in G Lodge Amazon? A whole lot!

  • The lodge is surrounded by lush greens and wildlife.
  • Typical suite is a bungalow, equipped with porch, bathroom, 24-hour hot water, buffet style meals and many more!
  • There is a solar heat and rechargeable flashlights so you will not feel guilty about harming the environment.
  • Tours are also arranged for you to maximize you stay in the accommodation.
  • They have a bar and spa too!

  • Here are some snaps from G Lodge Amazon to give you more idea on what’s in store for you there:

    (all images are from honeymoons.com)

    G Lodge Amazon is located along Tambopata River, Peru.

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    02 May 2014

    Beautiful Gardens in Europe

    Europe is a vast continent rich in arts, history and culture. Aside from being home to famous museums, landmarks and institutions, Europe is also home to numerous famous and very beautiful gardens. People around the world have these beautiful gardens in their bucket list. After seeing their pictures and magnificent garden layout, who wouldn't dream of visiting these places once in their lifetime!

    Here are some of the breath-taking gardens around Europe worth visiting:

    Keukenhof Garden, Lisse, The Netherlands

    (Photos are not mine)

    This garden is famous for its tulips and many other beautiful flowering plants strategically planted all over its grounds. It opens only once a year from mid-March until mid-May and closed again for the rest of the year to plant new bulbs and other flowering plants for everyone to enjoy for the next opening.

    Monet's Garden, Giverny, France

    (Photos are not mine)

    This captivating garden is located in Giverny, a small village in Normandy. It is nice to visit this garden in spring. Monet, one of the famous painters of all time, loved to visit this garden and do his paintings there.

    Villa d'Este, Tivoli, Italy

    (Photos are not mine)

    Did you watch Lizzie Mcguire Movie starred by Hilary Duff when she was still one of the Disney darlings? If you did, then this place will be familiar to you. It has plenty of fountains and is in Tivoli, just few miles away from the city center of Rome. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage landmarks.

    Luxembourg Garden, Paris, France

    (Photos are not mine)

    This beautiful garden is in the heart of Paris! I have seen this place but not thoroughly due to lack of time. If I had to come back, I will just to see this magnificent garden in the City of Light. It is a formal garden in the premise of the Luxembourg Palace.

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