29 October 2013

Studio Ghibli Museum Tickets

Studio Ghibli is in our itinerary of places to visit in Tokyo. It's located in Mitaka and not too far from the city centre. I bought the tickets for the 3 of us last 9 October. It is mandatory to reserve in advance as this museum is exclusive and does not allow walk-in guests.

I purchased the tickets from JTB UK Ltd. via online. I am just getting a bit worried now because we haven't received the tickets yet and we need to bring those with us when we travel to Japan this December.

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Anyway, I called the UK office of JTB and asked for the whereabouts. Unfortunately, they do not use registered mails for such so there is no guarantee, really? What will we do then if we don't get the tickets on time and normal postal delivery takes 2 weeks? I will go berzerk!

(Photo credit: yahoo images)

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27 October 2013

Giveaway at Riablahgs.com For CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac

Are you a photo enthusiast and loves taking snaps of your travels and putting them in nice collage? Well, It's My Party blog is hosting a giveaway that will give 1 lucky winner a full version of the CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac from PearlMountain Technology for free.  This app is $29.99 when you buy it from iTunes but you may have a chance to win this. Join now!

The giveaway is open worldwide to everyone! The entries are very, very easy too.

Head on to It's My Party to fill the entry form and hurry because this will only run until 28 October 2013.

Click here: http://www.riablahgs.com/2013/10/review-giveaway-collageit-3-pro-for-mac.html

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17 October 2013

Car Rental for Tourists in Cebu Philippines

Photo credit: yahoo images

Whether you live in Cebu or are visiting as a tourist, you may at some point want to use a Cebu car rental company. Having your own vehicle is the only way to visit the many tourist attractions scattered around the island, and to take in the full beauty of the area. A lot of visitors may be wary about driving after reading about the traffic problems in the Philippines, but Cebu is relatively fine, it is only in Manila where things can become very confusing. So if you are travelling to Cebu, then use Cebu car rental and get to see places that many other people never get to see, and that includes those who live on the island.

I can share with everyone a couple of reasons why you should have a car hire in Cebu but first, let me tell you that hiring a car rental in the Philippines can be different than that of hiring one in the UK or USA, especially if you are using a local Cebu company. Most will want proof of who you are, if you are a non-resident such as passport, driving license, international driving license, and proof of address. It is usually normal for a deposit to be paid when you book. Most Cebu car rental companies will want copies of all of these documents emailed before you arrive, but you will still need to visit the office on arrival to pay the rental charge in full, and to leave some kind of photo ID with them. Car rental Cebu includes all the relevant insurance cover for the Philippines, so you do not have to worry about that. 

Once all the paperwork has been completed you will then be given the car you have hired. As with any car rental company anywhere in the world, it is advisable to go over the car looking for previous damage and noting it with the car rental Cebu company and this saves on possible disputes later on. You can use technology for this; take some pictures or videos, and immediately upload them to somewhere like Facebook. Doing these time stamps will help you to have proof of the vehicle condition when you collected it.

Driving around Cebu is easy, and these days there is GPS available to help you out, and it is recommended that you take advantage of this. Using car rental in Cebu can really enhance your experience of the area, and you can leave the island to fly home knowing that you have seen more of the local culture and landmarks than those who do not hire a car.

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13 October 2013

Infographic - How to be a Successful Travel Blogger

I started my travel blog for the reason that I love to travel and I want to share my experience in every trip that I and my family make.

What's so cool about writing for your travel blog is that, a lot of people can benefit from it because of the tips you share and photos you will feature that will give your readers a reason to enjoy the virtual tour and probably even encourage them to book that first flight to their dream destination.

Not all travel bloggers make it real big out there. I'm am still a long way to go before I can actually claim fame for this travel blog of mine and I have lots to learn. So, this infographic from digitalmint.net is very timely and apt to be shared to everyone who wish to start a travel blog. We all can learn from this.

How to be a successful Travel Blogger
Source: DigitalMint.net

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09 October 2013

Costa Rica: Six Simple Steps for Finding a Fishing Charter

Costa Rica, fishing charter, www.riatravelbug.com
Photo credit: yahoo images

If your idea of nirvana is an exotic fishing trip and the chance to take on an exciting challenge by trying to land iconic fish like the marlin, tuna or wahoo, then Costa Rica is where you should be heading.

Here is a look out how you find a fishing charter and begin your adventure.

Do your research

The first thing that you want to do is get some local information about what you are likely to catch and where the best places to fish in Costa Rica are. Costa Rica Fishing Report is an excellent guide to how you can get involved in what is considered by some, to be the venue for the best sport fishing in the world.

Not only will you get a feel for the amazing place on our planet that is Costa Rica, but you will also get a flavor for the adventure and culture that awaits you in this truly spectacular South American country.

Visit some harbors and towns

Reading a travel guide and getting some information is a great idea, but there is no substitute for actually visiting some of your chosen harbors and towns so that you can find out what is available.

There are many Costa Rica sportfishing charters to choose from and you are spoilt for choice with venues such as Tamarindo, Jaco, Quepos and Los Suenos often being able to provide local charters with English speaking captains.

Use local recommendations

Check with local tourist offices, or with the local people connected with where you are staying to see if they have any particular charter boat companies or trips that they particularly recommend.

They may be able to negotiate a discount on your behalf or if you are not able to find anyone initially, you could do a local directory search using the keyword barcos, which should bring up a local list of local sport fishing charter companies.

Use the web

If you would prefer to be organized and have your trips booked in advance of your arrival then pay a visit to popular sites such as the aforementioned Costa Rica Fishing Report or Tico Travel, who have links to a good number of charter companies in Costa Rica.

Make a reservation

You should be able to reserve your space on the trip or charter a boat for yourself if there is a group of you, by either calling or emailing the captain, once you have chosen the boat that you would like to hire.

Most of the charter companies will expect you to pay a reservation deposit to hold the slot and also make sure that you check with the charter company what is included in the price and what you need to bring along yourself, such as bait and any tackle that may be needed.

Pack what you need

Having gone through the process of finding the right charter, organising your accommodation and arranging travel to Costa Rica, you want to make the most of your trip so make sure that you pack everything that you need.

Irrespective of the time of the year when you go, you will probably need to pack a raincoat, plenty of sunscreen and some protection like a hat and sunglasses as well. You will often find that many Costa Rican charter companies provide a lunch and maybe even alcoholic beverages within the agreed price, so check with them so that you don’t take your own supplies when they are not required.

Fishing in the waters of Costa Rica is a real adventure and with a bit of good fortune and some expert local guidance, you should be able to bag a prize fish, which would be a real bonus in addition to having a great vacation in this truly beautiful country.

Marcus Anderson is a deep sea fishing addict of many years. He likes to find new places to fish, and then he shares what he has found on the Web. 

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08 October 2013

Is Timeshare Right For You?

You are a renowned traveler and have circled the world countless times but will that make you a good candidate as a timeshare owner? Let's face it, not all travelers can be timeshare owners and vice versa.

A person can be considered or be a good candidate as a timeshare owner when he or she fits into any of these criteria:

  • Income bracket falls under the middle to upper class
  • Have enough money to go around because owning a timeshare means it is okay for you to invest your money in a timeshare property whether you are using it or not
  • Have the time to be able to use the timeshare in a defined week or weeks in a given period

If you think you have it in you to purchase a timeshare then go for it. Timeshares have picked up through the years and more and more properties are being offered in a much affordable rates so others can join the timeshare ownership bandwagon.

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07 October 2013

Why Does Japan Appeal To Us?

I haven't been to Japan yet. I want to explore that country but have been pushing it aside for many years now until this year because we cancelled our European trip. Putting practicality over our desire to experience the Christmas Markets in Europe, Japan was clearly the best choice.

There are many reasons why we love to go to Japan. Barring any natural calamities, it is still one of the eclectic country to visit in Asia and it has so many to offer to tourists like us.


Photo credit: yahoo images

It is located in Asia and being an Asian and having lived half of my life in Asia, I can somehow feel comfortable in the territory. It is also an island similar to my home country - the Philippines. It is like coming to a new "home."

My family loves to travel all over. We love to explore famous and new places in each of the countries we visit. And what is not to like in Japan? They have Disneyland there! Aside from the theme park in Tokyo, they have pagodas in the middle of sprawling and well tended zen gardens and ponds that I admire and palaces that belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Photo credit: yahoo images

They have a famous landmark there that resembles the popular Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

It is also home to the beautiful Mt. Fuji, a volcano that sits in Honshu. It has been a site of pilgrimage in Japan for many years and the peak of the volcano is inviting for the thrill-seekers as it is accessible year-round.

Photo credit: yahoo images

It boasts of renowned shopping districts like Akihabara (electronics), Shinjuku and Harajuku which are both famous for fashion-forward  boutiques and the fish market called Tsukiji.

Japan is very rich in history and culture. It was once an ally of the oppressor and after WW2, it bowed its head to the world and never partake in any offensive tactics again except for military support and exercises.

Photo credit: buzzle.com

The culturally rich country has numerous kabuki shows to boot. It has tea ceremonies, beautiful traditional kimonos and a wide selection of delectable Japanese cuisine to enhance your palate.

There are still plenty of reason why Japan is appealing. The people are unique, the language is exotic and the whole country is interesting.

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05 October 2013

Tokyo, Japan It Is!

My family and I have zeroed in on our family trip destination this December - Tokyo, Japan! Finally, after countless times of revising the budget and all. The Europe tour will be too costly and if we go to Japan, we will spend only a small fraction of the amount the whole Europe tour will cost. So, it was a fair and wise decision made.

I have practically skipped major trips this year except for the Niagara vacation last March/April to ensure that we will have enough budget to go around for the December family vacation. It is my daughter's wish to travel to Europe before she goes back home for her college schooling but the whole thing is just too expensive. I'm glad that even if we won't see the Christmas Markets in Europe this year, she will be able to visit her dream studio of anime films - Studio Ghibli! I am excited too as I watch most of their film works and they are all great.

So there, it will Japan this time. Perhaps we can save more next time for a European tour. It's been a long time since we set foot in Europe but I guess, being pragmatic is more important to us. Anyway, I'll be checking some items in my bucket list even if we go to Japan this year.

Here we come, Japan!

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04 October 2013

Basking in the Beauty of Newport Beach: Five Must-Do Outdoor Activities

Photo credit: allgoodprovisions.com

Those who visit California not only visit a state; they embark on a plethora of outdoor opportunities.  Florida may be the ‘sunshine state,’ yet California does not pale in comparison.  Additionally, California weather is mild compared to the intense humidity of its east-coast sunshine competitor.  

Those who visit the west coast, specifically Newport Beach, California, encounter a number of fun and engaging activities.  Here are five activities no visitor can afford to miss.

Davey’s Locker Sport Fishing and Whale Watching
 Those who embark on tours outside of Newport Bay catch views of blue whales in the summer and fall and grey whales the other half of the year.  You may have heard a share of ‘whale stories,’ but Davey’s consumers experience a 95% success rate in spotting the mammoth-sized sea creatures.
Game anglers gravitate toward the service, catching hundreds of fish (per trip), which is not difficult when the waters feature over two dozen species, including giant yellowtail, tuna, and halibut.

China Cove Bike and Kayak
Davey’s offers exciting boat tours, but while the ocean and boats are in motion, riders stand still.  The relaxing occasion calls for some exercise.  Burn calories while keeping cool in the water, or take the tour inland, renting and riding a bike along the coast.  What can one expect to see on their tour?  Kayakers and riders stop at Pirate’s Cove Beach for a swim.  Are you ready to let a machine do the driving for you?  Newport Beach vacation rentals are close to many outdoor activities and tours.  Take a ‘hidden’ jeep tour along Southern California’s Riviera.

Balboa Fun Zone
The name says it all; Balboa Park is California’s oldest family amusement area, featuring a grand ferris wheel, an arcade, a nautical museum, harbor cruises, bike rentals and more.  As an associated extension, park goers hitch a ride on the Catalina Flyer to nearby Catalina Island.  The park and associated attractions remain popular year round, but don’t worry about parking.  A public lot is available, juxtaposed to the pier, making this destination fun and convenient.

Photo-walking Tours
Spend the day, but keep your memories forever on a walking tour of Corona del Mar and Newport Harbor.  Don’t be discouraged by your level of photography mastership; professional photography instructors aid goers, directing attention to unbelievable shots while providing photographic insight you can take home.  Those who don’t come equipped with cameras may rent a device from the service.

Pirate Coast Paddle Company
You may have experienced the Pacific Ocean before, but have you done it on a paddleboard?  Don’t worry if wondering if you’re up to the challenge; professionals offer lessons and kid programs, as well as ongoing rentals for those with more experience.  To add to the ambiance of the occasion, elect to take sunset or moonlight paddle tour.

Those who visit Newport Beach, California never come away with a shortage of outdoor activity stories and memories.  Whether catching an eye-full of blue and grey whales, kayaking among millionaire-dollar coast homes, or paddleboarding in the moonlight, you’ll be more than pleased with the relaxing and active synergy offered at this vacation spot.

Marcus Anderson, now retired, travels as much as he can these days. An avid blogger, he likes to write about where he goes on travel and vacation blog sites.

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