19 December 2016

Let's Go Adventuring! Four Vacation Ideas For The New Year

Christmas is almost upon us, and most of us are too busy preparing for the festive season to remember the fact that the new year is nearly upon us! As difficult as it may sound, try not to get totally lost in your Christmas festivities. Remember that this time of year isn’t all about eating sandwiches made of leftovers and drinking more than is probably good for you. It’s also a time of renewal, of the slate being wiped clean, of fresh starts and new possibilities. Here are some ideas of vacations that you could go on in 2017 to extend your horizons and learn new skills.
Go Skiing

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If you hate the winter, then trying out a winter sport is a good way to learn to love it. A lot of people have already tried out skiing, but if you haven’t, go to your nearest practice centre before you go away! Be prepared that you might take a few falls but make sure that you have your helmet on, and chances are you’ll be fine. It may be cold but you’ll be wrapped up warm and the skiing will keep you warm too! Not only will you get fit and healthy learning to ski, but the views will be incredible.

Learn A Language

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Is there anything in the world that feels more romantic than flying to Europe to learn Italian in Italy? Learning languages is extremely difficult unless you’re immersed in them, so it’s a great idea to take a vacation to learn for a week or two. A lot of language schools teach in the morning before running an afternoon activity in the city you’re in – or you could spend the time you aren’t in classes by yourself, learning about a new city and trying to practise your new language skills.

Take a Writer’s Retreat

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If you’ve always thought that you had a novel inside you just waiting to be written, try going on a writer’s retreat. Take your laptop, go away alone to a remote cottage, and immerse yourself in writing. Take walks each day to make sure you get some fresh air and inspiration and to admire the scenery around you in your chosen destination. You could also go on an organised writing retreat, where you can learn from fellow writers and a number of author mentors. Make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Giving yourself definite aims by the end of the week or a word count that you must hit won’t be helpful. Coming home with fresh determination to write is all you need.

Find Yourself Through Yoga

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Take a trip to India to learn yoga in an authentic environment. If the stresses of the modern world are lying heavily on your shoulders then it’s time for you to try to discard them and learn how to destress. Yoga is great for both your body and your mind – strengthen your core muscles, eat some good food, and feel yourself calm down and learn how to relax.

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10 December 2016

Tiny Home Vacations

There are times when you might want to take a vacation that is a little out of the ordinary. There are tiny home vacation Austin TX neighborhoods ready for you to visit. These locations have small houses that are ideal for one or two people, possibly a few more if you don't mind being in a cozy home. This is a new trend in the country that can be fun and exhilarating if you like houses on a smaller scale and vacations where you don't have to stay in a hotel room all day. 

When you first see the tiny homes that you would stay in on a vacation, you might wonder how everyone will fit inside. Most areas feature homes that are of a different design so that you have a unique experience when it comes to the decorations inside and the layout. There is usually a common area in front of the homes, such as a table and chairs. This is an area where you can gather with other vacationers to talk or enjoy the outdoors when you don't want to sit inside the home. 

There are a few tips that can help you survive your vacation in a tiny home so that you have a fun experience. Think about the space that you'll have as most homes are less than 2,000 square feet. You don't want to pack any more than is necessary as there won't be a lot of room for extras. Most tiny homes have the toiletries and other things that you would need, so you won't need to have those with you. Most tiny homes are less expensive to stay in compared to a fancy hotel. The best thing about the tiny home is that you have the space to yourself instead of being next to someone else in a hotel. It's similar to camping in a tent, but you have a sturdy floor and roof. Some homes have a small bathroom and a kitchen area. There is also a living room as well as a bedroom area. The beds in the home are usually lofts with plenty of overhead space. There are few electrical outlets, so keep this in mind when charging phones and other electronics.

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08 December 2016

Spending Time Abroad As A Family Without Falling Out


Creating a family holiday without arguments doesn’t start when you get in the car or arrive at the airport. It begins way back at the planning stages. Be sure that every member of the family is considered and allowed to have a say. This goes for when you go, where you go and what you plan to do there. If one person is excluded, you’re at risk of them spending the whole time complaining. Children aren’t the only ones guilty of doing this- adults do it too!

There is a good chance that you won’t be able to please everyone 100%- but that is life! Just be sure that the ones who feel a tad disappointed know that you will do their thing next time. If two kids wanted Florida and one wanted New York, and you chose Florida? Then find a way to please the one who wanted New York. Maybe you could let them plan a half-day itinerary one day. Giving them a project and something to focus on will help distract them, and point them in a positive direction.

Once you are on your holiday or adventure, it is important to keep everyone busy. Yes, this may just mean busy relaxing! But while relaxing in the sun can be great fun for adults, kids can find it really boring. Plan for this in advance, and counteract it by heading to a place with a kids club. Alternatively, look into some different activity holidays designed for families. As they are designed with families in mind, there will be something to please all ages. There will often usually be an opportunity within these activities for some family bonding. This is always a bonus. It could mean that not only do you spend time together without arguments, but you also get on better than usual! It could help you find some common ground with your kids too. Plus, you can show that mom isn’t as weak as they thought, or dad not as boring!
We’ve covered making the time abroad suit everyone, and involving all in the organization. We’ve also mentioned what you should do with your time. Finally, let’s touch upon keeping the family dynamic happy.

Often, we spend only pockets of time with our entire family. So, we might only see one another at breakfast and dinner, for example. However, during time abroad on a holiday, you might see each other a lot more. While this can be a blessing, it can also lead to spending too much time together. Counteract this by ensuring everyone has their own space. If you are sharing a hotel room, book two separate rooms. Considering hiring a holiday home, so that teens can have their own room away from their parents. If you are camping, go for three of four smaller tents over one big one. Sometimes a little distance can help keep everyone sweet! Plus, if a falling out does occur, individuals have their own space to go to in order to cool down again.

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Benefits of Renting a Villa or Home

Vacation Choices

Before vacation time draws near consider a different option that can be more inviting than staying at a hotel or motel. Many homeowners are offering their homes as vacation rentals. There are several benefits to choosing a private home over other accommodations. 

Benefits of Renting a Villa or Home

Hotels and motels can be rather impersonal and as a result, uninviting. They are basically just a room with beds and a television. Some have mini refrigerators and microwaves for keeping a small amount of food or snacks. A suite will have more room but they are expensive. 

Many people are choosing to rent homes, condos or villas instead. If vacationing with several people it can be less expensive. For large families, vacation rentals by owners can be a comfortable choice. Often homeowners will list their home with a company such as KomfortStay that specializes in connecting homeowners and those who are looking to rent a home for vacation. This provides the opportunity to see photos of the home before making a choice. 

In addition to the ability to see photos of the homes for rent, any available amenities such as cable, wi-fi, a washer and dryer, a Jacuzzi, a pool, and more will be listed. This allows searchers to find the home that is most appealing to them. Nearby restaurants, shopping, and recreation is usually listed as well. 

Choosing a vacation rental also allows vacationers the ability to find a home in the area where they want to spend their vacation time. Some people may only have a week or two weeks vacation while others may have longer. Due to this difference in vacation time homes may be rented on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

When looking for a vacation rental in this manner, it is easier to find one that is within a planned budget. Generally in popular areas there are hundreds from which to choose. Keep in mind, early reservations will be necessary in the more popular areas. Most homeowners do charge a security deposit for their protection. This is returned after the vacationer leaves the home and it is inspected to ensure there is no damage. 

As an alternative to staying in a hotel or motel, this can be a choice that also provides more privacy. A home will have private parking, no rowdy guests in the middle of the night, and money can be saved by preparing some meals in rather than eating out the whole time.

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07 December 2016

The Beautiful Canals in Amsterdam

I am in love with Amsterdam! I used to say that about Paris but when I saw the beauty of Amsterdam last year, I have been in awe.

I have always dreamt of visiting The Netherlands even when I was a young kid. I think I was only 5 years old when I made my bucket list of places to visit. Of course, that piece of paper where all this "wanderlust" nature started has been long gone, in my heart and soul, I know what they are.

Visiting Amsterdam last year for my birthday was something I have only dreamt about. So, you can imagine my amazement when I actually saw the canals in the beautiful city of Amsterdam in person. My friend and I were both awe-struck, to say the least. All we could utter was, "so pretty!" And yes they are!

Do you know why The Netherlands has plenty of canals? The country is below sea level. They need a robust irrigation system to divert the water out of the country through the canals to prevent flooding. The canals have been around since 17th century.  In Amsterdam, the canals reaches more than a hundred kilometres when combined and they are now used as ways to travel.

A view of the flower market in Amstel

This is near the Amsterdam Central Station

One of the beautiful canals in Amsterdam

This is near Hotel The Bird where we stayed in Amstel. 

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03 December 2016

Top 7 Gadget Essentials To Have When You Travel

There are things I cannot live without when I travel like my camera, my iPad, my bare necessities (obviously), and a good pen and journal because you'll never know when inspiration strikes. But, I am not very geeky or tech-savvy when it comes to the latest gadgets. So the infographics below will surely be a great tip for those travelers who like to capture the moment, save the fun and adventure, be up

Traveling is just not to see the world for the travel enthusiasts. Other travelers like to record the places they see and the experience they have. So, below's infographic is a perfect fit for what gadgets you have to take when traveling.

7 Gadget Essentials To Travel With - An infographic by Fab Meets World and Let's Talk Tech

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02 December 2016

A Quick Weekend Getaway to Subic In a Budget

If you're feeling cooped or has been dreaming of a weekend getaway with your family or friends without overspending, then Subic is a perfect destination for you.

Subic in Olangapo is a place in the Philippines that is teeming with beautiful beaches, mangroves, and plenty of fun activities to do. It is in the northern part of Luzon which is very close to Manila. Getting there is not very complicated if you are already coming from nearby metro areas like Caloocan, Manila, and Quezon City, and nearby towns along the North Express Way which is one of the main artery leading to Subic, Olongapo. You can either take a public transportation via bus or drive your own car for faster navigation. What ever your choice is to get there, you will surely find your way with GPS, the traditional map, by following the directions given by your travel guide or Subic Hotel booking confirmation's details, or simply follow the street signs.


There are many accommodations to choose from in Subic. You do not have to spend a fortune to book a family room too. An example is, a family room for max. of 6 pax in Golden Slumber Resort for an overnight stay and the rate is based on today's date in Traveloka when you search for Subic hotels is only Php 3,800 inclusive of tax. You can use the resort's amenities like the pool for a quick dip.


(Photo credit:  zoobic.com.ph)

There are plenty of things to do in Subic while you are there over the weekend.  You can visit Zoobic Safari and experience nature up close, go trekking or even pet small animals too.

Entrance rates vary for adults and kids:

Adult: Php 545
Kid:  Php 445 (4 ft. and below)
FREE: kids 3 ft. and below

And if you buy your tickets online, you get 10% discount! (Based on Zoobic Safari's website)

If the zoo is not your thing, then you can head on to Ocean Adventure and watch cute dolphins and sea lions perform their acts in front of many spectators. Ocean Adventure has a 4+1 promo right now which costs Php 3,155 for 4 pax and plus 1, making it a 5 pax rate! However, the rate is valid only until 16 Dec. 2016 but the reservation is not required for the 4+1 promo.

(Photo credit: chancesfading.blogspot.com)

Is your group into hiking and marveling on the beauty of mother nature? Then enjoy Pamulaklakin Forest Trail. Here you will get to walk for 30 minutes along a trail with a guide who will teach you how to follow a trail and even give trivia on some of the plants' medicinal properties that you will find along the way.  The entrance fee is also relatively cheap.

Is thrilling activities and adventure your group's thing?  Feel like a superhero or Tarzan as you zip through one tree to another with Tree Top Adventure's adrenalin pumping rides like the canopy ride, superman ride, silver surfer, and others. Rates vary per ride or as combination. However, with your Php 100, you will surely have some activity to do in Tree Top Adventure.


Aside from the thrills and nature encounters, there are plenty of food outlets to try to satisfy your cravings without burning a whole in your pocket.  Check out some local food outlets in Subic and stretch your budget to enjoy your meals.

Hotshots - a Garden Fresh salad will cost your Php 179 and the Filipino Style Barbecue is only Php 159.

The Coffee Shop Restaurant - known  now for their coffee but for their giant tacos for only Php 90!

Or you may even try the ubiquitous McDonald's, Jollibee, amongst others.

So, stop thinking about that weekend trip you have been longing to take and just do it! Having fun with your family or friends need not be costly as you can split the cost amongst other members of the group so everyone gets to enjoy and save too! Happy trip!

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Here is your December Travel Guide for 2016

Your December travel guide is here! And it's packed with many fabulous destinations to visit even during winter time.

If you're traveling in the US, then you're in for a lively holiday season! You can live it up in Vegas, or party with the world in New York, and spend the holidays on a festive road trip with Tours4Fun.com! Book your perfect getaway now and get your inspiration and fabulous deals in this December Christmas Travel guide from Tours4Fun!

December (Xmas) Travel Guide - World’s best holiday markets - include christmas-themed products for last-minute shoppers, Tropical escapes, Northern Lights (Las Vegas, Frankfurt Christmas Markets, Los Angeles, Jackson Hole, New York, Hawaii)

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