31 August 2013

Top up your Tan in Tenerife

Although Tenerife is known for drinking and a general ‘Brits' abroad’ atmosphere, there is so much more to the island. From whale and dolphin cruises to year round golfing, there is something for everyone here!

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. It’s a popular tourist destination and it has two airports, Tenerife north and Tenerife south. There are many travel companies offering package holidays to Tenerife, but if that’s not your style have a look around for low cost flights to Tenerife with Monarch and perhaps think about renting an apartment or villa.

Playa de las Americas is one of the main destinations people choose to visit. With beautiful beaches, lively nightlife and plenty of great restaurants, it’s certainly a place for friends and families who want an action packed holiday with lots of hustle and bustle. The Safari Centre is full of designer labels for those who wish to have a classier shopping experience in this lovely beach town.

For a quieter holiday, why not try visiting Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz. Visit the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Candelaria, a picturesque church in a beautiful old town, or wander the streets of this old fashioned city. There are many beautiful walking areas around the city as well – the Rambla del General Franco is a fantastic woodland walk which takes you through some beautiful scenery. Close by, Teide national park is one of the most spectacular areas of Tenerife and many is ranked among the top cultural attractions of the country.

Tenerife generally has nice weather all year round, with the lowest temperatures being about 22 degrees in the daytime in December and January. Take advantage of the quieter months of May and September, when school children are back in school but the tourist season is either beginning or ending so most attractions will be open for your visit. Chartering a boat for the day is cheaper in the quieter seasons and you may just decide to sail into the sunset after experiencing all the island has to offer.

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28 August 2013

Cape Cod Tourism Ideas and Tips

Cape Cod is known for its beautiful beaches and harbors, rich history and culture, and plenty of outdoor activity possibilities. The area attracts hikers, artists, golfers and tourists from around the world. Here are a few Cape Cod tourism ideas to help you make the most out of your visit.

The Beaches

The Cape Cod National Seashore boasts miles of sand beaches preserved in their natural beauty. Their high sand dunes and picturesque sunsets make the trips to the sea unforgettable. The bathing water is monitored by regular testing, and is known for its high quality. Cape Cod has a total of more than 550 miles of beautiful coastline for visitors to enjoy.

Pristine Nature

Several conservation organizations in Cape Cod make efforts to preserve the local nature and its resources, maintaining the environment in its pristine condition. A lot of emphasis is placed on recycling and other waste-reducing activities.

Outdoor Activities

From fishing trips to schooner cruises, sailing is one of the most popular activities in Cape Cod. Whale-watching is another exciting adventure, which hundreds of tourists undertake every day during the summer months. Miles of dedicated hiking and biking trails with breathtaking sceneries along the routes are available to those who prefer a more active vacation.  

History and Architecture

Besides its natural beauty, Cape Cod has a lot of other attractions for tourists to enjoy. Its lighthouses are great architectural landmarks, exciting to watch from both the land and the sea. Many of the buildings along the scenic Route 6A are former sea captain homes. When traveling the route, one can also visit Sandwich, a small historic town with a lot of character.

Culture and Art

The galleries of Cape Cod attract many art lovers to the area. They display the works of local and national artists, Saturdays in July and August being popular exhibit opening nights. Provincetown is one of the county’s oldest art colonies, with the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket having a rich art scene as well. A popular Cape Cod tourism feature, Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich, are 100 acres of galleries, antique exhibits, concerts, and various other cultural activities.

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How to Decorate Wedding Venues

Your wedding is a monumental occasion that will be remembered for years to come. Although the ceremony is the most critical part of the event, the reception will be just as memorable. In fact, it’s likely that you’ll have more photos from the reception, especially if photography is not allowed at the church or other location you hold the ceremony. You’ll want the venue to look as nice and attractive as possible since there will be so many snapshots of guests, the wedding party, the cake, the activities and dances, and so on. For transforming plain Pittsburgh wedding venues from drab to fab, follow these tips.

Walls and Ceiling

If the interior surfaces of the venue look shabby or maybe the wallpaper is peeling, feel free to cover these spaces up. Drape long pieces of fabric across the ceiling and walls so you will feel transported to a more elegant venue. You can also create backdrops on walls for areas where you wish to take pictures or for where the bride and groom will sit. Create enlarged photos of the bride and groom and attach them to the walls for guests’ viewing pleasure. Add paper lanterns, twinkling lights, and other sources of illumination to light up dim settings. Go Harry Potter style and use fishing lines to hang electric candles and lanterns from the ceiling. Plants, flowers, and other foliage can make a room feel fresher when you place them in corners and along the walls. For example, consider stringing vines across the walls. Balloons also add to a festive look and can even look whimsical and romantic.


Line each table with cloth and runners that correspond with your wedding colors. Create centerpieces at each table. You may want to include a portrait of the bride and groom, flowers, or vases filled with rocks and flowers. Some will even add goldfish! Remember to layer as you set up tables. For instance, you may have one large centerpiece with smaller pieces surrounding it. There are tons of ways to dress up Pittsburgh wedding venues. Just be sure you use your own creativity and imagination when applying these tips.

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26 August 2013

Going To Europe In November? Why Not!

I am not sure what's happening to me but I have been obsessing about the Christmas Markets in Europe for some time. We have been delaying another trip to Europe for some time now because going to the US was more convenient. However, I really miss going to the beautiful cities of Europe. I just want to check another item in my bucket list. It's something that motivates me to work harder and then enjoy life.

Christmas Markets regularly open at the end of the week of November and open until the days leading to Christmas. I have been discussing this with my dear hubby and our daughter would second the motion. We are just waiting for the hubby's nod so I can finally plan the whole trip.

I am eyeing Warsaw first then will head to Prague and move on to Vienna and back to Dubai. That is one of the option. The other option is a daring and a more cold one. We'll head up north in Stockholm, move to Copenhagen then visit Amsterdam and back to Dubai.  It won't be a long vacation, just 7 days but the whole objective of the trip is to soak in the Holiday spirit of the Christmas Markets around Europe.

Oh, I can't wait! I hope hubby will consider. For a change, I am not keen to visit the US this winter time. It'll be nice to experience the winter of Europe. I am looking forward to that!

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24 August 2013

No Travel, All Work

I am one gal who cannot stay put for a long period of time in a certain place. That is why my family and I always go on vacations or out of town trips to feed that wanderlust in me.

Honestly, the last vacation I had was last April and it is already 4 months since the last one and I am feeling restless. I am already thinking of the next one, carefully planning the costs, itinerary and tours we will take. The only problem is, I revoked all my vacation leaves until the end of the year so I am baking them for next year, just in time for my daughter's collegiate studies back in the Philippines. I am not one happy gal, I tell you!

Well, this no travel and all work setting is not working for me. I feel hapless. I need to go somewhere, anywhere, just not in this same town. I am begging hubby to consider a short vacation to Europe this end of November in time for the opening of the Christmas Markets there. I have yet to convince him but I hope he says yes. I don't think I can travel there with only my daughter in tow. I like him to be around to share the happiness with. Let's see.

For now, I am really antsy here. I have to go somewhere. It doesn't matter whether it's just here in UAE or somewhere near. It has to be soon or I'll lose my marbles!

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15 August 2013

The Basics of Golf Memberships

Golfing is a sport that is enjoyed all over the world by people of all ages. The greatest thing about golf is that almost anyone can play it. No matter whether you are young or old, you will be able to grasp the basics of golf and have a fun time. It is also a sport that can be extremely relaxing and it does not take a great deal of energy, though, it can be tough to play the sport on hot summer days. While golf can be a very enjoyable sport, it can sometimes be difficult to play since you will need a golfing range. There are a variety of different clubs that have large amounts of land where people can play golf, though, regularly paying fees to play on their land can end up being extremely expensive. This is what makes local Las Vegas golf memberships extremely beneficial. Here is a quick look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of golf memberships.


The main benefit of having a golf membership is that you will be able to save a large amount of money if you regularly play golf. You will also have the ability to play at any time, since you will not need to be constantly worrying about the fees for playing a round. Another benefit of having a golf membership is that you will often be given special benefits, such as discounts on golf carts and perhaps golfing supplies. You will also have access to special events and clubhouses.


While there are many benefits associated with having local Las Vegas golf memberships, there are some drawbacks that should be considered. A golf membership is a large investment that can end up costing you thousands of dollars every year. This membership can also be a large waste of money if you are not playing a round of golf at least once every other week. Another drawback to having a golf membership is that you will be largely restricted to playing on a single course, which can get boring over time. This makes the sport less enjoyable since you will not want to waste money going to other courses in your area.

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10 Best Places In The USA To Travel With Children

Amusement parks in the USA are probably the best places to visit with children, the parks which come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and designs offer comfortable and convenient avenues for maximum fun. While intending to visit the amusement or theme parks it is important to carry the following items prior to entry to the park:

-Comfortable shoes such as water sandals
-Band aids
-A small pack with water, money and a camera

Places that will provide most fun with the children while touring the United States include the following:

1. Disneyland:

Located in Florida, Disneyland remains one of the most famous theme parks in the United States. The park features a number of sky trains, roller coaster rides and carnivals among many other fun activities. There’s no other place in the United States - the world, even -- that celebrates childhood quite like Orlando. The feeling that children get when they catch the light off Epcot Center's spaceship Earth; or when they witness the soaring heights of Shamus flips (during the water show at SeaWorld). The notion that only young ones can get pleasure from this city's charms is simply that- a notion. In reality, Orlando contains a very little of this and a little of that to charm to any or all ages, and there is more to try and do here than visit theme parks. The subtropical climate is great for golfing and the downtown city landscape is simply too attractive not to explore.

2. SeaWorld

SeaWorld is a water theme park located in the State of Florida, the park allows the family more specifically the children to engage in a wide array of recreational activities such as touring the aquarium that is home to many kinds of marine wildlife.

3. Statue of Liberty

Located in The City of New York, the world famous and monumental Statue of Liberty will offer the kids a chance to get panoramic views of New York as well as the surrounding environs. The monumental statue also provides good photography sessions for kids where kids will take back beautiful memories of the visit.

4. Lowry Park

The Lowry Park zoo is situated in Tampa bay, the destination is famed for its wide collection of animals that comprise of local as well as exotic species. The children will enjoying a scenic tour of the region while observing different animals as well as providing natural habitats where the kids can relax and have a snack or meal.

5. Central Park

Central park is considered the best park in New York where kids can have fun riding bikes through the park, engaging in other sports while the parents sit back and enjoy the serene and comfortable ambience. Biking at Central Park, New York is the best things to spend an afternoon. Also, this is a great way for tourists to get to know about Central Park. This activity is perfect for tourists who spend few days in New York and want to taste the feeling of being there. There are also many other activities available for both locals and foreigners.

6. Bush Gardens Theme park

For visitors looking to have a natural theme park that comprises of well-kept and pristine gardens, Bush Gardens Theme Park will be most appropriate. Located in Tampa, Florida, the theme park will provide a comfortable environment while still offering maximum fun. This park is located in Virginia and is about 380 acres of family friendly experiences, Tourists can experience extraordinary fun with more than 50 rides. It is well known for its roller coasters. One of the Top five world-class roller coasters is at this park, Griffon, is the world's tallest and first floorless dive coaster. The extreme seats extend away from the track, making a more panoramic view for their riders and adding to the excitement.

7. Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey bay Aquarium is located in the Californian coast and is home to a rich diversity of marine wildlife's which will excite and educate the kids during their trip to the United States.
Your vacation is incomplete if you skip the trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It contains over 550 different types of animals and plants, it is sure to delight all ages in your family. You may find it is better to take a tour of all the exhibits, leisurely at their own pace. The water is kept at 10 degrees Celsius. A majority of the water that is used here comes directly from the Monterey Bay, this helps to feed many animals in the exhibits, since it contains plankton.

8. Space Coast

A traveler to Florida will also find the 'Space coast' a fun experience especially for kids who get excited by space and the galaxy. “Space Coast" is also home to the famous Kennedy Space Centre which has always been revered by kids for spacecraft’s and outer space.

9. Glacier National Park: 

Glacier National Park is located in the rocky mountains of Montana and spans over 1 million acres of forests, meadows and lakes. Children will be able to view over 70 mammal species which include the gray wolf and grizzly bears as well as over 270 species of birds which include harlequin ducks and golden eagles.

10. Everglades

Everglades is a children center situated in Florida where kids get a chance to learn more about eco-systems and conservation. The center provides the knowledge using a fun ways which will engage the kids at the same time.

Travelers from countries falling under the visa waiver program are exempt from applying for an entry Visa to the US. All that is required for the potential traveler is to make an online requisition for an
ESTA authorization at least 72 hours prior to the day of travel.

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