28 August 2012

New York - My Favorite Fall Destination

The slight drop in temperature and the cool breeze blowing to my face is a pleasant respite from the extreme summer months of the UAE. We normally don't go anywhere aside from the Philippines during summer because of our work and the request of relatives back home to visit them. So, our family annual trip' destination usually falls on the beautiful, cool weather of autumn.

We have spent autumn in Munich, Istanbul and New York. I would say, New York tops my autumn go to place. The weather can be chilly and balmy at night but I love the cold weather. Autumn in Europe is fine too but I just don't feel that certain autumn charm that New York has.

Here are the reasons why I love New York in autumn:

1. The trees in Central Park are bright and colorful with different hues of orange, red, yellow and brownish/burnt sienna tones of leaves.

2. The sky is clear and sunny and the air is crisp.

3. Nice time to have picnic at the park.

4. People watching while enjoying a hot cup of joe.

5. I don't get tired walking around in boots!

6. The city is bustling again because summer campers are back.

Don't you just love NY in autumn? I think I am biased. I just love the place no matter what season of the year.



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08 August 2012

Catacombs of Paris

Who would have thought that the beautiful city of Paris has a deep and dark secret? I did not know this until I read an article in CNN regarding the Catacombs of Paris.

Photo credit: aeontours.com
Beneath the bustling city of Paris lies the underground ossuary of the remains of 6 million people who were buried in the cemeteries in Paris circa 1700's. The cemetery of Saints Innocents got very populated and contaminated due to improper burial so the decision to move the remains secretly to the abandoned quarries was carried out.

To this day, the Catacombs of Paris has become a known attraction to most Parisians, urban explorers and tourists as well. Some of the entries leading to the underground cemetery have been closed by private building and property owners to discourage vandalism, cataphiles and untoward activities which may compromise the safety of everyone.

This morbid reminder of the past is located around the south of Paris, the former city gate Place Denfert- Rochereau.

Given the chance, will you visit this place? As for me, no matter how much I love Paris and curious I am on the "treasure" that lies beneath it, I will have to take a rain check on this one. I am not brave enough to explore this hidden attraction.

Photo credit: hobyto.com

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03 August 2012

Gardens By The Bay in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore opened last 29 June 2012. My daughter and I were able to visit it last July 6, 2012 during our vacation in Singapore.

We both love nature and my daughter is a budding shutter bug. So, it was a good thing that we bought the SLR camera so she can take great photos of beautiful flowers and other plants in the conservatories.

Gardens by the Bay (GB) consists of 2 conservatories - The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. Both of these giant green houses are part of the attraction of GB. Another spectacular site to behold are the Supertree Groves. They are towering structures of metal and nature. They are vertical gardens which act as canopies to offer shade and wonderful sight both day and night. The GB is a big garden and park at the same time where other sections of the garden is open to the public for free.

I will break down the various areas we visited in GB and hopefully, you'll find the place interesting and amazing as we captured the beautiful scenery and flora in the area.

The Gardens by the Bay is located near the Marina Bay Sands. So, you can also include a visit to the famous new iconic landmark in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino and check out the Skypark and the famous infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

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