13 November 2011

Palawan's Under Ground River is One of the Provisional 7 Wonders of the World

Photo credit: globalnation.inquirer.net
It is a pride and joy to know that our very own Palawan's Underground River has made it to provisional list of the new 7 Wonders of the World based on the result release by New7Wonders in Zurich, Switzerland.

I have not been in Palawan yet but seeing the magnificent view of the province's natural beauty is enough to make me want to go there and see the wonder up close.

The Puerto Princesa's subterranean river is a navigable underground river. Old trees grow by the river banks and near the mouth of the cave. The cave features limestone karst mountain landscape and plenty of stalagmites, stalactites and beautiful chambers to boast.

I hope the PPUR will make it to the final list which will be announced early 2012. I also hope that the Philippines and the local government of Palawan will be ready to accept throngs of visiting tourists especially now that PPUR has reached elite and global status.

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11 November 2011

No Japan Plan Yet

After changing my mind and having a 180-degree turn from Europe to the Far East, I still have not finalized any plan for our Japan trip yet. I think the only definite is the dates of travel. Aside from that, I still have not narrowed the search for a good and affordable accommodation in Tokyo, preferably in the Urayasu area or somewhere near Disneyland.

The costs of rooms are really exorbitant and some of them are even small for 3 occupants. I am getting a bit nervous too with the availability because April is their Cherry Blossom festival (sort of, I think...) and that's when the trees are in full bloom and the weather is great! I checked some 3-star properties already and they are fully booked. Oh no!

Given all that scenario, I should have a definite plan, place and exactly what to do there by now. I need to book my hotel at least before December to ensure that I get rooms or else, we'll be sleeping in those small hostels with 30 other people.

Why is organizing a trip so nerve-wracking?!?

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