28 March 2013

Cold Spring In New York

It is supposed to be spring but the weather does not feel like it. We arrived here yesterday and I swear, I don't think it is 11 degrees Celsius. I feel it is lower than that. Today is 11 degrees C but like yesterday, it felt colder and definitely not 11. But night time was so cold at 3 degrees C! No wonder my nose bled and my sinusitis is acting up again.

Last year, the weather was inviting; still cold but manageable. This time it's so cold that I think my normal winter clothing will not hold up. I wonder how it will be like when it's actually winter!

However, despite of the very cold weather, we are still looking forward to see the beautiful flowers in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I hope the Cherry Blossoms are already in bloom and some of the spring flowers too. Otherwise, I won't be as happy as I would if I don't see the Cherry Blossoms.

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20 March 2013

Manila Bound

Not me but my hubby. He got in the flight to Manila, arriving around 6:30 a.m. the next day, Manila time direct from Dubai.

I have 1 million and 1 things to remember and do now to ensure that as soon as he gets back to Dubai with my mom-in-law in transit going to JFK, our stuff are all ready, tickets and other travel documents all in place and ready to haul our luggages to meet them in the airport.

The flights are not looking good now going to New York. Everybody wants to travel using the A380, the super jumbo Airbus aircraft. And considering that we are staff, our tickets are least priority. So we will be taking our chances. I hope we all get in in the same flight so we don't have to split the party. I'm not comfortable traveling alone.

Anyway, my hubby will have time to relax for few days while in Manila before he and his mom travels back to Dubai. I just hope my mom-in-law is physically ready (at her age of 77) to endure the more than a day of flight travel crossing several time zones. I know this could whack her out of sorts but that's the whole point of traveling long distance routes. We can't help crossing time zones. We all just have to prep and psych ourselves.

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15 March 2013

All Set For Spring Trip

This is my birthday gift to me - a relaxing, nature-tripping, cold-weather bashing time in New York and  Buffalo.  Every now and then, I just have to get out of the rut and enjoy my hard earned labour and just go for it.

My only concern this time is my on and off fever due to my pharyngitis and viral flu. Knowing my adverse reactions to most medications, I can only hope and pray that I be well enough to go through the travel. And knowing myself, I will do everything to get on the flight and enjoy New York.

Logistics are set. Hotels are paid for. Rental car is reserved. Plane tickets purchased. Luggages prepared. We're only waiting for the travel date. I also hope the flights don't get too full as we are traveling with my mom-in-law who will be coming from Manila via Dubai to New York. And we don't want to inconvenience her and she's already 76. I hope she can catch up with severe jet lag. Pacific to Atlantic is not a good way to fly to the US. I know that from my experience before. The jet lag wore off 3 weeks after. I just pray that her excitement can overshadow her jet lag so she can enjoy the beauty of New York during spring.

Talking about the weather, I keep checking the weather forecast for any storm brewing. So far, none and I pray it stay that way although rain showers are here and there. I can live with that just not the slushy snow.

We will be spending few days with my cousins in Brooklyn again.  Then we'll be heading off to Bufalo   and Niagara Falls. We will be staying there for 5 days to enjoy the countryside and of course, marvel at the beauty of God's creation - the Niagara Falls. It would have been nice to cross to the Canada side but we haven't applied for a Canadian Visa. We'll probably settle for the US side at the moment. Besides, there are plenty of outlet malls nearby and who will resist that? Not me! Remember, it's my birthday gift!

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08 March 2013

Spring, Come Soon

Okay. I'm not yet in panic mode right now but soon I will if this snowy weather disturbance in the East Coast in the US does not clear.

My family and I will be travelling to New York this end of March for our annual Spring Break vacation. My daughter is very excited to be there during spring as she missed last year's vacation. She hasn't seen the Cherry Blossoms in bloom yet so we are all hoping the weather gets better very soon or else it will be one very cold (and snowy?!?) spring vacation for all of us. It will be cold as well in Niagara if the snow storm does not stop next week. I'm not keen on packing heavy winter clothing.

I don't mind seeing real snow. In fact, my daughter and I are excited to see it but not in that kind of stormy scene. I am still reliving the memories of Hurricane Sandy the last time we were there. So this time, we are hoping and praying for a nice and beautiful weather to enjoy spring.

So please winter storm, clear up now and bring forth the beauty of Spring!

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