31 March 2017

How Not To Fall Down A Mountain!

Pexels Image: Unsplash

Hiking, be it easy or hard trails, is for everyone as long as they’ve prepared themselves for the trek, brought the proper gear and checked out how long it’s going to take to reach the summit. Some hikes in America can be done in a day, which is perfect for when you’re due back in the office Monday morning after a long weekend!

Kings Canyon National Park, California

Normally, it’s only after a long, arduous all day hike or gruelling overnight stay that you reach the summit in some national parks. However, Kings Canyon is a little different, yes it’s got paths and trails that only experienced hikers should attempt, but there’s also the shorter trek to Lookout Peak. The peak not only gives you panoramic views out over the whole eastern California region but also let you witness the gigantic U-shaped chasm that was carved by a massive glacier millions of years ago. You’ll also have the rare chance to trek through the breathtaking
Sequoia National Forest, and see the giants that visitsequoia.com describe as being some of the tallest, oldest trees on earth!

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Believe it or not, the scenery here is even more beautiful than the lyrics of ‘Country Roads’ might suggest. Don’t forget to look out for Stony Man, so named thanks to its high boulders and gigantic rock cliffs, it’s not the highest peak, but it still ranks at 4,011 feet above sea level. While some hikers prefer higher Hawksbill even the locals think that Stony Man offers better views. Including some gorgeous sights over the endless Appalachian Mountains, that stretch towards the horizon in a seemingly never-ending gray/green line! The hike to Stony Man is suitable for all levels of hiker and is a mere 2.5 miles away from the entrance of the Shenandoah National Park itself. However, you may be looking for something with a lot more oomph! Feel like you’re ready to take on a Grand Canyon hike? Now’s the time to visit sedonaredrocktreks.com as they’ll be able to create you a bespoke package, as well as give you an extra day’s grace in case of bad weather that keeps you from trekking.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

It’s best to only attempt this particular hike in summer as the rest of the year the trail is often hidden between a heavy blanket of thick, impassable snow. However, when the temperatures do warm up in July, the area is transformed into a wild meadow, subalpine flowers dance merrily in the breeze and tourists and locals alike come to experience the joys of Avalanche Peak! Warning, if you’re looking to complete your hike solo or don’t wish to be disturbed by endless chattering queues at viewpoints get up early. Here, the path takes you through 2.5 miles of subalpine forest, lush conifer trees and acres of firs and spruce. Why not check out the route at http://www.summitpost.org to see when you’ll be able to take a break at the beautiful Yellowstone Lake as well as having the chance to spot elk or deer.

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24 March 2017

Travel in Style on a Shoestring Budget

Traveling to Cuba is an exciting new possibility, thanks to the dedicated work of our outgoing president. But if you are new to the exciting opportunity to travel in Cuba, you will love checking out all of the great advice on our website. From amazing villas to beautiful beaches, historic colonial buildings to the green revolution, there is so much to see and experience in Cuba. If you want to see what it was like to live under Communist rule, or just practice a unique variation of Spanish, Cuba is definitely the place to visit.

But if you want to make sure that you are looking good, even when you have to travel on a budget, you need to make sure that your preparations for your trip include some budget shopping. That does not mean that you need to invest in super cheap items. You need to respect your trip’s budget, but what is the point in investing in fashionable gear if it is so out of fashion, or so cheap, that it is counter-productive, i.e. makes you look bad?

If you want to invest in gear that is hot, but still affordable, you need to check out the deals being offered by a new partnership between ALDO and Groupon Coupons. From footwear to hand bags, ALDO has you covered with so much amazing looking gear. And thankfully, Groupon Coupons’ new partnership with ALDO means that you can score amazing deals such as 15% off of your next purchase, 30% off of ALDO boots, 20% off of any purchase, and even take advantage of a 50% sale. Those are the deals currently on offer, but if your trip is not coming up for awhile yet, you can take solace in the fact that while these deals may be long gone, Groupon Coupons and ALDO are constantly updating the deals offered. You can get tons of great deals at ALDO simply by bookmarking their Groupon Coupons page and checking bag as your trip date approaches. If you want to travel on a budget, yet travel in style, you definitely need to take advantage of ALDO’s Groupon Coupons.

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18 March 2017

Prepare In Advance For your Spring Break To Avoid Disappointments

** This contains affiliate links. I will be compensated when you click on my link and purchase.

You have been dreaming about that spring break trip for so long and when you finally decided to finalize the trip by booking your ticket and hotel accommodation, bam! There is no more available seats and the hotel rates are twice as much as you have last checked. This scene is too familiar especially if you have been in this kind of sticky situation before. But don't be in the same predicament again. Plan ahead to avoid disappointments.

Your dream spring break can happen smoothly if you follow these steps:

Check the validity of your travel documents

If you are planning for a trip that involves traveling outside the country, then before you actually plan for your spring break trip, check your travel documents' expiry and if they are well within the validity.

Decide where to go

Is it going to be a long road trip or just across the coast or you want to travel to other countries during your spring break? This is one of the major thing you have to do before you travel. This will be the focal point of your spring break preparation; that is, to know where you will go. Is it going to be in a hot place? Perhaps in a cold spring in Europe? Wherever you decide to go, this will be the start of your planning stage.

Check visa requirements

It is important to check for visa requirements if your trip will take you abroad. However, if your nationality belongs to those who actually can travel visa-free from many countries across the globe then you are lucky. All you need is to check your passport's validity to ensure it is valid for at least 6 months or more when you travel outside your country.

This is not necessary for local trips.

Plan in advance

It is always advisable to plan at least 6 months early when traveling during high or peak season like spring break time.  Decide on the date when you want to go and check various online sites for packages for spring break. Some website and tour operators offer great deals when booking in advance. When you finally zoned in with your budget and have decided on the place, then you may start reserving for that package for a wonderful spring break vacation.

Check your car

If the long road trip is your thing for spring break then time to check the safety of your car. Have it checked by a professional who can vouch for your car's road-safety worthiness. Do not consider driving your vehicle without having it checked thoroughly. Your safety is your primary concern too.

Book your tickets, car rental, tours, and accommodations

After everything has been decided and planned, now is the right time to get that deal, pronto! For air travelers, there are plenty of airlines offering early-bird deals so grab this opportunity to save money. Book your hotel accommodation now to secure that limited offer promo deals for early bookers.
You may want to reserve that bus tours as well to reserve your seat in advance so you don't cram the last minute upon arrival in your destination. Do you want to visit spring gardens, museums or monuments? Take this time to do all your booking at once.

For those who are going on a road trip and do not have a car to drive along, now will be the right time to secure your rental, whether it is a family wagon, a car, or even an RV!

So, are you all set? Then pack your bags and get ready to go. Have fun!

(Photo credit: background photo from Eugene Quek/Unsplash.com)

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17 March 2017

Family-Friendly Vacation Ideas

When you’re looking to take a trip with your whole family, deciding where to head is always a challenge. You have to find a place that is family-friendly, and able to keep everyone entertained throughout the duration of your stay. That’s something that is never easy to do. So, if you’re still looking for some ideas for where your family should visit this summer, the ideas below might help you out. Each of them presents a great travel experience suitable for most families.


Costa Rica

The great thing about Costa Rica is the location’s varied and interesting landscape. The natural wonders that you will find in this part of the world will thrill any young child. And they’re no less thrilling for the adults either. So, you should definitely consider this option when you’re thinking of somewhere to visit nex with your family. It’s a place that many people decide to go to with their families, and it’s one of the safest destinations in South America too. On top of all, the beaches are great for people who want nothing more than sun, sea and sand.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia has a lot to offer families who are looking to get to the most luxurious experience possible from their next vacation. There are plenty of resorts that are geared towards the needs of families. You just need to make sure that you look at the details and that you’re definitely opting for one of the resorts that’s family-oriented. Cotton Bay Village is considered one of the best. The on-site facilities are clearly designed to keep children happy and entertained. But it also has the kind of relaxing setting that many parents crave when they go on vacation.

Orlando, Florida

Let’s face it; most kids want to go to Orlando, Florida. The main pull of the location is, of course, Disneyland. It’s a magical wonderland that is truly impressive. People who go there never forget the experience, and it’s not hard to see why. However, there is more to Orlando, Florida than Disneyland. You can stay in a place like Westgate Reservations, and visit some of the fantastic locations that this part of the world has to offer. If you get your planning right, you should be able to strike a balance between the kid-friendly activities at Disneyland and the other options too.


If you’re looking for a city break to take with the family, you should look no further than Barcelona. It’s a city like no other. Gaudi’s magnificent architecture is fantastical and strange, and it can be seen all over the city. It makes it feel like you’re walking through a fairy tale at times. Maybe that’s why young children enjoy the city so much. And there are plenty of other things for them to do and explore as well. At the same time, there are plenty of galleries, museums and other cultural attractions to keep the parents and adults satisfied during the trip. Everyone’s a winner.

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15 March 2017

Hiking Etiquette Tips


When you’re out in nature hiking the trails, you can get so immersed in the beauty of your surroundings, the wind in our hair and the ground beneath your feet, that it can be all too easy to forget your manners. However, trail etiquette is old and important – it keeps everyone safe and ensures that the trails are well-maintained for us all to enjoy.

If you need to brush up on your hiking etiquette, check out these useful tips for hikers:


The first thing you should bear in mind when hiking is that there is a ladder of hierarchy on the trails. Horses should always take priority, followed by hikers, with cyclists coming in third. Now that you know this, you can always be sure to make way for the relevant parties, ensure the trails are safe and pleasant and avoid any nasty confrontations.

Additionally, you should remember that, if you are being passed by horses, you will need to move off the trail a little on the downhill side, if it is possible to do so. This will prevent the animals from getting startled by taking you out of their immediate path and making you look smaller.

Uphill Traffic

When you’re hiking, you should always give way to uphill traffic. Going uphill is harder work than going downhill, and when you’ve built up some steam, and you’re going along at a pleasant pace, the last thing you want is to have to change course, lose momentum and start again. So, put yourself in the place of others and always yield to the uphill travelers.

Stay Right

Hikers should always try to stay on the right side of the trail, and if they wish to pass someone ahead of them, they should always do so on the left, after warning the person in front what they are about to do. Doing this helps to stop accidents and annoyances on the trail.

Leave No Trace

So, you’ve gone up the trail with a mountain of supplies including food, water, string and your best backpacking tent to see you through your trip.  You’ve built a fire, had a feast and enjoyed your time in the woods. Now it’s time to leave, what do you do? If you’re an inconsiderate person, you’ll leave your food wrappers on the ground along with the ashes of your extinguished fire and leave. Who wants to carry more than they have to on the trails right?

On the other hand, you’re a very considerate person, you will pick up and repack everything you brought with you, including wrappers, apple cores, and banana peels and take them home with you to be disposed of safely, so that the next hikers who come along won’t have to look at your trash.

Using Tech

There is nothing wrong with listening to your portable radio or playing your iPod when you’re out on the tail, but try not to do it in the vicinity of other people who might prefer to listen to the birds sing rather than Beyoncé. Be aware of your surroundings and ask others if they mind before you do anything that could spoil their trip.

If you bear all of the above in mind, you’ll have a great hiking trip and so will everyone else on the trails.

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13 March 2017

Misconceptions Nearly Everyone Has About Cruising

What do you think of when you think of cruising? For those who haven’t been on a cruise, there are usually a set of misconceptions that they believe to be true. If you want to find out what the truth is behind these misconceptions, read on. You might be surprised at what you learn!

They’re Not For Families

Cruises can be for families if you select the right one. Some cruises are especially for families, so you’ll be able to meet people just like you and you might even make some friends. There are places that will take care of your kids for the day too, if you want to go and indulge in a beauty treatment for an hour for instance.

They’re Overrun With Children

Although cruises can be for families, that doesn’t mean they will be overrun with children. In fact, if this is something you’re worried about, you can make sure the cruise you select is an adult only cruise. You won’t need to worry about crying kids or anything like that!

They’re Full Of Old People

Old people do seem to like cruises, but that doesn’t mean they are only for older people. Many young people love cruising, as it allows them to explore multiple locations in one trip, as well as live in pure luxury for a while with the spa, dining, and entertainment that the ship offers.

You Have To Dress Up For Dining

Again, this depends on the ship. Some ships do recommend that you dress formally for dining, and this can be great if you love to dress up and want to make your dining a special experience. However, you can also eat in restaurants on the ship or go for a more casual dining experience if you prefer. You don’t need to worry about dressing up every single night.

It’s Super Expensive On Board

Some worry that it will be really expensive on board the ship, but you can actually get some great deals. Many ships include food and drink in the price, so you have nothing to worry about. You can also find great deals, especially if the spa isn’t busy that day. You might find therapists walking around offering amazing deals.

A Cruise is Boring

A cruise is definitely not boring. You can look at hand picked cruises that have full on broadway shows and musicals that you can enjoy for free! There may even be an outdoor cinema screen, a pool, a skydiving simulator, and much more! Both adults and kids can find plenty to do on a cruise ship.

Port Time Isn’t Long Enough

Some think that port time isn’t long enough, so when you choose to take an excursion you barely have any time where you stay. However, 8am-5pm is usually plenty of time, and some ships are even choosing to stay overnight now.

See? There are so many cruising misconceptions. Have you changed your mind about cruising after reading this? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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11 March 2017

Tips to Enjoy Your Short Layover Inside The Airport

Every traveler will know that there are times when not all the flights they can book are direct ones, meaning, no stop overs. There are many reasons why some travelers choose to travel with stopovers because of time difference, physical exertion to go through long haul flights, cheaper fares, or the schedule does not work well with the preferred time of the traveler. What ever the reasons are for choosing a stopover over a direct flight, here are simple and very useful tips to enjoy the few hours you have inside a certain airport during your layover (granting you cannot leave the airport due to time constraints).

Check out the Duty Free Shop

Did you forget to buy something special for your family back home? How about checking out the shopping trends in that particular layover destination or buy a simple token for yourself while you are in a new airport in a different city or country?

Check out hot selling items in that particular Duty Free shop and you can compare them once you are in your destination or back home. You might even be lucky to snag discounts or deals in the Duty Free where you are having a stopover because some Duty Free shops run regular sales.

Grab a grub at one of the restaurants

We sometime need a break from airline food so my family and I usually buy food from the foodcourt or restaurants. Although skipping meals in the airplane is complete your choice and really mandatory for this matter. If you feel like trying out a different cuisine or want to check how the meal tastes like in a certain food outlet then dining during your stopover is another choice you can make while making the most of your stopover.

Relax at the Spa 

Yes, there are spas in most airports around the world; and no, they are not only for First and Business Class passengers. There are dedicated spas and lounges for the elite travelers but for people like us who travel coach, we can also enjoy the relaxing services offered at the spa in the airport. An example of this is Abu Dhabi's Tosa Spa in Terminal 3.

XpressSpa has plenty of accessible spas for travelers to use around the US, in Amsterdam, and in Dubai. Their spas are open to all kinds of travelers where you can enjoy a quick mani/pedi, hydrating facials, and even massages.

Take a walk

Sitting in a tight quarter inside the airplane can be very taxing. You need to get that circulation moving so the best way to do that is to also move. While some airports have gym facilities that are available to business and first class passengers, other travelers may decide to brisk walk around. You don't need your active wear to be stretch those legs and walk; however, I hope you are not wearing those killer stilettos while traveling too (trust me, there are people who wear stilettos while traveling).

Read a good book

Have you been trying so hard to read that book you told yourself but never had the chance to or stuck in that same page? Well, your few hours in the airport may just be the right thing to have to get on with your reading.

If your trip has to have a layover and this is nothing you can beat, just enjoy the few hours you have inside the airport to unwind and discover new things about the airport. You will be surprised to know that there are many ways to utilise the time that you have while waiting for your next flight. Enjoy it!

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06 March 2017

The Secret To A Relaxing Holiday Is All In The Planning

When we devote so much of our hard-earned cash to our vacations, they have to be perfect. With just the right balance of adventure and relaxation, great food, and a fantastic atmosphere, it can sometimes be a challenge to get the perfect concoction. It’s all in the planning, as it is with many things. Getting everything organized and down to a tee before you even board that jet plane is the best way to guarantee the perfect, hassle-free vacation. Here are just a few questions you should be asking yourself before you leave, and during the planning process, to make sure everything is in order and all can run smoothly.

Where does your heart desire?
Perhaps the most important question: where do you want to go? Is that location practical? How long will it take to travel, does it encourage solo travellers, are children welcome, is it within your price range? You might find that the destination of your dreams isn’t all it’s cracked up to be once you’ve done your homework. And you might find that reading around on similar locations pops up somewhere perfect that you’ve never even considered.

When you’re doing your research, it’s crucial to bear in mind your financial limitations. Don’t just consider the cost of accommodation and travel, but also the cost of living while you’re there. Read other travellers’ experiences about their average spend per day, and what some of their more surprising expenditures were. Is public transport particularly good value for money? How about the local traditional drinks, the food, or the interesting cultural excursions? Knowing how much money you’ll require each day is really important when you’re developing your budget.

How will you pay for it?
Speaking of budget, how do you plan to pay for your trip? Do you have savings that you can put up front, or do you plan on paying for it through finance? Does your credit card give you air miles or reduced cost on accommodation, like Chase? With these credit cards, many offer rewards such as Chase Ultimate Reward points, which can be cashed in with any of their partnered hotel chains or airlines. This can make a significant difference to the cost of a vacation, so make sure you check what bonuses your credit card affords you.

Alongside this, many people choose to create a thorough budget. This includes all the expenditure required for the trip, but goes far further than accommodation, flights, and spending money. Internal transport, including airport transfers, travel insurance, and even the additional clothing or medication you will need should be on this budget. It’ll give you a far better overview of how much to try to save on the lead up to the holiday, so you’re not scrambling around at the last minute for a few extra dollars.

How long do you have?
Planning an amazing vacation means choosing one which works with your limitations. There’s no point travelling to Australia if you’ve only got a week, but if you’ve got a few weeks and a bit of cash in your pocket, going further afield is more than encouraged.

But how does your vacation timing work out with everyone else’s? Are you clashing with school holidays, when prices are typically hiked astronomically? If you are, is there any wiggle room to try to avoid this disruption? It’s also worth considering the time at which you’re booking your trip. Straight after Thanksgiving or Christmas tends to see some great deals on air travel and accommodation costs, so they can be great times for booking the trip of a lifetime and bagging yourself a sweet deal.

What are your holiday priorities?
Do you want an adventure, with hiking and abseiling and hot air balloons? Or would you prefer a few days on the beach, by the pool, or in the bars? If you travel with a purpose, you’ll achieve everything you want. This even goes for a relaxing beach vacation.

Travelling with purpose means knowing exactly what you want to achieve from your holiday before you even get there. Not only does this affect where, and when, you choose to travel, but it will also affect how you use your time once you’re on the ground. If there are particular sights that you wish to see, knowing whether you need to prebook can save you a whole lot of hassle and heartache when you’re there. Knowing exactly what you and your traveling companions want to achieve from the holiday mean you can better tailor it to suit your expectations before you even set off.

What legalities are required?
Depending on where you choose to visit, there will be different legal requirements. For example, some countries require a tourist visa, which usually needs to be applied for online or even through their embassy in your own country. Knowing this ahead of time can save real issues once you get there, some of which could see you being rejected altogether from the country which you’re travelling to.

It’s also worthwhile checking requirements on the amount of time left on your passport or travel documents. Some countries require you to have upwards of six months left until your passport expires, otherwise you will not be allowed through customs or immigration control when you arrive at your destination. All of this information can be found on the website of the embassy of the country to which you’re traveling.

What do you need to pack?
Is there anything that ruins the holiday spirit quite like rushing around at the last minute, frantically trying to find all of the bits and bobs that you need to pack to bring with you? Start your list early so you’re not caught out when your electrical adaptors have gone walkabout, or your travel-sized toiletries are emptier than you expected. It’s also particularly useful to know if you will require any new clothes for this adventure, especially if the climate is new to you.

Being prepared for your trip means that nothing is left until the last minute, and the vacation can run as smoothly as can be.

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04 March 2017

Your March Travel Guide Is Here

Yes, spring is coming very soon and it falls in the lively month of March! If you are raring to go after being cooped at home due to the harsh winter season, then let this March guide help you find the best deals in travel destinations.

Here's your March travel guide and start planning before it gets too busy. Remember, Spring Break!

March Travel Guide - Up to 20% off select destinations now through 3/29 at Tours4fun.com!

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01 March 2017

Sweet Like Kandy (And Other Sri Lankan Delights You Have To See)

One of our most common holiday complaints is that, as lovely as our destination was, it was full of people like us. Okay, so that seems like an odd complaint, but it’s true. When we go on holiday, many of us aren’t keen on spending our free time with so many of our fellow holidaymakers. All they will ever do is remind us of home, work, and the stresses that we have traveled to avoid.

This is why it is always a good idea to pick a destination that’s a little more unique. Not aiming for a place without tourism entirely, but somewhere that isn’t solely devoted to it. Somewhere stunning. Somewhere not unlike Sri Lanka; the crown jewel so many people overlook. Sure, it’s not going to be without its tourists - but it also won’t feel like you’ve stumbled into the midst of spring break holiday season.

Sri Lanka is a small island nation off the coast of southern India. And like India itself, it is home to a great deal of nature, beauty, and relaxation.

Unlike India, Sri Lanka is quiet, compact, and possible to see in a short time. Everything you’re about to read about can be seen in a 5 Days 4 Nights Sri Lanka itinerary with time left over to kick back.


There are many places in the world that are referred to by locals as “the eighth wonder of the world”. With Sigiriya they may have a point. This ancient rock fortress complex is Sri Lanka’s most visited destination, and when you see it, you’ll understand why.

The Mirror Wall is covered by ancient inscriptions of pilgrims; even over a millennium ago, it was a must-see spot.

The site is a former Buddhist monastery built from volcanic rock, Sigiriya is visually stunning and architecturally fascinating. It’s definitely a place to stop off at.


One of Sri Lanka’s ancient cities, Kandy may not be the capital, but it is the city to see on your Sri Lankan holiday. Here is where you find the legendary Temple of the Tooth - a structurally remarkable attraction with an ancient relic at its center. Next to it, you will find the human-made Kandy Lake, but walk on a bit further for a real treat.

The Udawatta Kele Sanctuary is a spectacular forest reserve right in the city itself. Nature lovers can indulge their eye for rare birds and animals, with countless indigenous species found here.


If you make the trip to Yala National Park, then you’re in for something special of the feline variety. This is where you will find the highest concentration of wild leopards anywhere in the world. If that one sentence doesn’t have you digging out your passport… maybe check for a pulse!

The park is home to many other species as well, but let’s not kid ourselves: leopards are why you’re going to visit. And you should; there’s nothing quite like the chance at observing these magnificent beasts in their own habitat.

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