31 October 2016

5-Day Game Of Thrones Iceland Tour

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Game of Thrones fans! Are you always daydreaming about those scenic places where some of the scenes have been shot? Aren't they beautiful and mesmerizing? Well, dream no more because Tours4Fun have just the right package for all of you GoT fans!

Experience Tours4Fun's 5-Day Game of Thrones Iceland Tour! Journey to some of the filming locations where you’ll be immersed in Icelandic nature just like the cast members. Save 5% off with Tours4Fun.com!

This offer is valid until 31 July 2017.

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28 October 2016

Diving Safety Concerns For Beginners

As a diving instructor with over 10 years of experience, I can tell you that I've encountered all sorts of people during my training sessions. Some seem to be natural born divers, while others may take a while before they get accustomed to all the intricacies of the sport.

To the uninitiated, scuba diving can often appear to be a piece of cake, something that can be mastered in half an hour. But there's a reason why even the most basic PADI courses (that's Professional Association of Diving Instructors for all you newbies) can require days or even weeks to complete. But all that hard work and financial investment pays off massively because, once you're certified, you can go anywhere in the world and practice scuba diving at a level appropriate for your certification.

That being said, there are a few key pointers that all beginners should be aware of before their first diving session:

First off, and this may sound obvious, but I've seen plenty of newbies try to hold their breath underwater, probably by force of habit after being accustomed to doing so in the water while swimming. This, however, is strictly forbidden in scuba diving due to the dangers of over-pressurization, so make sure you breathe normally through your mouthpiece, just like you would on the surface.

Food, Alcohol and Tobacco
Secondly, stay away alcohol and tobacco on the day of your session, and wait for at least two hours after eating before you commence diving.

Physical fitness
Finally, be sure that you're physically fit enough to go scuba diving, as the sport can be surprisingly demanding on your body. You don't have to be Superman to do it, but you should definitely consider taking a medical test beforehand to ensure that you're health is good enough for diving purposes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all dive spots are not created equally. Obviously, you can't expect to find the same kind of underwater life in the Black Sea that you would in the Great Barrier Reef, but there's more to it than that. Every spot has its own particular level of visibility, and diving locations can range from easy to difficult depending on a whole host of factors. Moreover, these characteristics are all subject to change according to things like weather patterns and tidal fluctuations.

I'm currently based in Bali, so most of my knowledge is applicable to this part of the globe. Nevertheless, there are some wondrous dive spots to be found here. Not all are suitable for beginners, but if you've got a few diving hours under your belt, you can really have a blast here. My favorite diving spot is Tulamben, blessed with rich corals and a diverse aquamarine life, among other notable sites. Quite literally, you can send postcards to the folks back home while diving!

Truth be told, in a place like Bali it's almost impossible not to have the time of your life while scuba diving as long as you stay safe. Keep in mind that visibility levels can vary throughout the year, so make sure you do some research beforehand in order to pick the perfect time to start your scuba diving adventures. Chances are you'll love it so much you'll be back for more in no time.

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12 October 2016

Travel To See These Unmissable Waterfalls That Will Leave You Breathless

There’s nothing better than discovering a beautiful waterfall while on your travels. After all, it’s picturesque and something you and your family will remember forever. In fact, some people book a holiday just so that they can specifically see a waterfall. After all, they are some of the most spectacular sights on earth. Therefore, here are some unmissable waterfalls around the world that you need to travel to see that will leave you breathless.

Gullfoss in Iceland

Iceland is known for its stunning beauty. In fact, millions visit the country every year to see unforgettable sights such as the Northern Lights! And there is also another reason why you will want to head to Iceland this year. The stunning Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland is simply magnificent. It draws so many tourists every year, and it’s often named one of the popular tourist attractions in the country. It is situated on the Hvítá river in the southwest Iceland. The iconic waterfall sees water plummeting down 32 meters into a rugged canyon. And don’t worry about not visiting in the summer; a lot of people say it’s even more beautiful in the winter season.

Image result for Gullfoss iceland

Niagara Falls in Canada

The most iconic on our list, Niagara Falls in Canada is a top spot to visit. In fact, it draws millions every year who go to see the amazing sight. It’s located on the US and Canada border and falls into two separate sections. You can visit the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side which is the famous as it drops an incredible 173 ft.  And if you don’t want to cross the border, you can see the American Falls which is spectacular! Canada has so many other things to offer including a wide array of outdoor sports. Just make sure you check if you need an eTa on official-canada-eta.com.

Niagara, Falls, Waterfall, Horseshoe, Canada, Mist

Angel Falls in Venezuela

Another beautiful waterfall which is not on people’s radar is the Angel Falls in Venezuela. The waterfall is not that well-known, despite being one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. It’s situated in the rugged jungle and drops an incredible 3,212 feet. You can see a picture of this beautiful waterfall on http://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/. Venezuela has a lot of other things to offer including several beautiful national parks such as Mochima National Park.

File:Angel Falls in Venezuela.jpg

Havasu Falls at the Grand Canyon

Closer to home, you need to consider visiting the Grand Canyon. The famous landmark sees millions flock there every year to witness the visual beauty. And as we discussed before, you can even camp there to ensure you get amazing views of the sunsets. But there’s another reason why you should visit the landmark, and that is because of the amazing Havasu Falls. The beautiful waterfall which is situated at the Grand Canyon is beautiful as it plunges over the bright red rocks. In fact, it’s a sight that you will always remember in your lifetime.

Image result for Havasu Falls at the Grand Canyon

Hopefully, you will have fantastic pictures you can display in your home if you do venture to one of these waterfalls soon!

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08 October 2016

Spooky Ghost Hunts Travel Offers

Many thrill seekers will be happy to know that there are tour operators out there who are offering frightfully entertaining ghost hunt packages.

Check out Tours4Fun's Spooky Ghost Hunt offers here and feel the chill and thrill of those ghostly tours.

Tours4Fun World's Spookiest Ghost Hunts

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07 October 2016

House Swapping - Your Alternative Travel Accommodation Arrangement

Choosing an accommodation especially for a long vacation can be daunting to many travelers who are keen to save on costs. While there are plenty of budget accommodation in the travel industry, there is also another means of saving on accommodation cost through home swapping.

Home swapping may be a new thing for you. It is something that is relatively unique when it comes to board and lodging during your travels. Sites like swap-house.com is a good place to get information about the norms of swapping homes as means of exchanging abodes with another person or family with no or very minimal monetary involvement. So, it can really help save a lot on your travel budget when you plan for a longer vacation period.

Is home swapping for everyone? Well, this is a question that must be asked by travelers and homeowners. Are you comfortable letting total strangers occupy your home and vice versa? o you prefer the feel of living in a home similar to yours while you are away? If you feel like you are okay with that kind of arrangement then house swapping is a game changer for your travel accommodation needs.

Home swapping works in either of these ways:

  • You can stay in the other party's home while they stay in yours.
  • You can stay at another property of your exchange party.
  • You can stay as a "guest" in the exchange party's home while they are in the house. 

So, if you prefer to do the home swapping, you have to discuss the type and details of the exchange and to which one you are most comfortable with in order to straighten out any uncertainties, discuss security and other clauses in the terms and conditions set by both exchange parties.

Many countries already have home swapping sites to help travelers with their needs and savings. If you're in the UK, you can check the web for House Swap in UK and you will find many sites offering their services to help you in the selection process. If you want to choose from other countries too, you can simply change your search with House Swap site to get more hits on other websites that offer similar resources and assistance in narrowing your search for that perfect home away from home arrangement.

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05 October 2016

World Space Week

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World Space Week is here! It runs from October 4-10, and it celebrates the launch of Sputnik 1, the first human-made satellite, into space. Space agencies, schools, museums, astronomy clubs and planetariums around the world will be hosting their own space-themed events to celebrate this milestone.

But you don’t have to attend a World Space Week event to join in the intergalactic fun! Instead, blast off to World Space Week with Little Passports and these stellar activities you can do from home!

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01 October 2016

October Travel Guide

Hello October! It's pretty cool now and the influx of travellers last summer are all back to their regular day-to-day lives. Now's the perfect time to enjoy a cool travel before the cold months creep in.

So, if you're planning to enjoy a cool weather getaway this October, check out this month's Travel Guide for you.

October Travel Guide

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